About Ammon Cluff

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  • Himalayan Cataract Project

  • Ashland Creek Inn

  • Northwest Raw

  • Hassell Fabrication

  • MONQ

  • Ostras! Tapas and Bottle Shop

  • BioSkin

  • Staheekum



Ammon Cluff is a professional photographer/videographer specializing in social content. His eye-catching and unique style has drawn clients from industries such as medical, fabrication, food and hospitality. He has a passion to create meaningful work that has power and emotion behind it. Some of Ammon’s latest projects as of September 2019 include traveling to Ghana with the Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP) to film cataract surgeries on locals, to capture the reactions of people receiving their eyesight. 

Ammon currently resides in his home town of Ashland Oregon where he works with local and international companies to create content for their social platforms and websites.